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       Microwave Proximity Sensor



 Early Warning Sensor



The ultimate in external protection!


This sensor creates A Fully Adjustable invisible zone ( normally set at anything from 6 Inches to 3 Feet from The vehicle shell ) That if Entered  will Cause An Alarm To Give a Series Of  Warning Tones, Designed To warn away potential thieves Or Vandals who may be inspecting your vehicle.

                        This Type Of Sensor Is Ideal For Vehicles Parked On Driveways.       The Sensor Can Also Be Turned Off When Parking In Situations Where People Or  Objects May Be Moving Close To The Vehicle In Normal Everyday Use. Add This Sensor To Most Of Our Car Alarms For Just £59.99 Fitted.* 
*Note : this price applies if installed at the time of original car alarm installation.  please note that the "protective bubble" around your car is invisible and harmless.

Electric Boot Release Kit
Boot Release

price : £34.99 supply only Plus £8p&p . Installation available at extra cost. call for latest price. 0800 1223 156 Note: You May Experience an 8 to 10 Second Initial phone line Connection Delay.

Electric Boot Release Kit

Convert your manual boot release to electric release with this kit

Can also be used with smooth doors (no handles) to pop the catch.

Cheap and great to add onto Car alarms with extra channels.

Comes with mounting bracket, Solenoid kit and In Dash Button with bracket. Control from push button supplied or connect to suitable alarm system.

Can also be used for remote door release (eg for handleless doors not for central locking) Solenoid connects with existing boot latch or release cable.

If you want to connect this to a 3rd channel (auxilliary) output on an alarm then you will also need an additional 5 pin relay.

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Electric Window Conversion Kit for 2 Windows
electric windows

Universal power window kits for easy conversion of any pair of front or rear manual windows, to smooth electric operation.

Designed to replace standard manual window winder systems and fits the majority of Cars. All of the mechanical and electrical systems are concealed within the door panels and are therefore completely unobtrusive. Comes complete with all the necessary components to ensure a professional installation.

Kits include three switches and mounting pods, two motor/gearboxes, fitting accessories and full installation guide.

Increased Security - Passenger windows can be opened/closed by the driver

Universal Fitting

Very low noise operation (under 60dbA).

Occupies little space

Easy to install

Window open/close takes only 3-5 seconds

Excellent waterproof construction

Supplied with plugs to blank holes where winders have been removed

Low current consumption

Thermo-Sensor Circuit Breaker

Includes 14 different types of Shaft Adapters

Includes three illuminated switches and mounting pods

Supply only Price £95.00


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Remote Engine Starter System
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allows the vehicles engine to be started by remote control when used in conjunction with an Car alarm system with an auxilliary output (such as the spal as82 )


Remote engine starter system,

Adjustable Cranking & engine running time

Switchable for Vacuum/Tacho/Smart sensing

For automatic or manual cars (see note 2 below)

Some cars with factory fit immobilisers may require a Transponder Bypass Module (see note 1 below)


Note 1. Manual Transmission Cars Although this remote starter module will work on a vehicle with manual transmission it does not have any safety features to prevent remote starting of the vehicle whilst it is in gear.


Note 2. Cars with Factory Fit Transponder Immobilisers If your vehicle has a factory fit immobiliser which operates from a chip embedded in the ignition key you will need one of our Transponder Bypass modules in order to use a remote starter.


Supply only at £79.99 inclusive.


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Remote Start Transponder Bypass Module
Transponder by pass module

Remote Start Transponder Bypass Module £ 34.00 + £10pp SUPPLY ONLY. INSTALLATION AVAILABLE AT EXTRA COST CALL 0800 1223 156. FOR LATEST PRICE.

Bypasses factory fit engine immobilisers where a transponder chip is embedded in the ignition key.

 This neat device is designed to temporarily bypass most transponder type immobiliser systems when remote starting. The system works by using one of your spare keys to transmit the uniquely coded signal to the receiver coil in the key cylinder.

 The key is placed inside the bypass module which is then located in a secure place under the dashboard. A lead then runs from this and loops around the ignition barrel.

 The coded signal identifies to the vehicles computer that a valid key is present and thereby enabling remote starting. The unit will only operate as a bypass when the vehicle has been remote started.


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Communicator Pager System
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The Falcon Communicator is a Vehicle Pager System that connects to a car alarm system (via a pager output or siren output) or can be used on its own if connected to the vehicles door switches or interior light circuit.

Main features:

  • Frequency: 433 MHz
  • RF output power: 200 mW
  • Effective range: 600m to 800m (line of sight)
  • Transmitter Power consumption: 50mA
  • Transmitter Power source: 12VDC
  • Transmitter/Antenna Module Dimensions (L x W x D): 19 x 4 x 1.5cm
  • Receiver Dimensions (LxWxD): 6.8 x 4.5 x 1.5cm
  • Pager receiver runs from 2 x 1.5V batteries
  • Batteries Included
  • Receiver battery life: 1080 hours
  • Receiver Weight: 120g

Supply only £65 fully inclusive

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