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Parrot Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kits . Installations Edinburgh , Glasgow, Dundee

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Color handsfree Bluetooth® car kit


If you change your phone your don't have to go to the added expense of another compatable handsfree kit, as long as your new phone is Bluetooth Equiped, the Parrot LS3200 Will Keep You Staying Safe And Legal 

  • Parrot 3200 LS-COLOUR, colour handsfree Bluetooth car kit

    Introducing the first Bluetooth® hands-free car kit with a color LCD

    Select one of the hifi ringtones and color wallpapers available to personalize your kit.

    Store and access your phonebook

    Your contacts are stored in the memory of the Parrot 3200 LS-COLOR. The voice recognition feature enables numbers to be dialed automatically by stating the contact’s name: “Call John.“ If photos are stored with your phone contacts, they can be displayed on the screen.

  •  An added bonus is the new Parrot control module which can be updated without removing it.

    Take advantage of a universal Bluetooth® solution

    The Parrot 3200 LS-COLOR is compatible with Bluetooth® telephones.


    • Bluetooth hands-free kit with large color screen
    • LCD color screen
    • TFT 160 x 128 pixels with 262,144 colors
    • Adjustable brightness
    • Customizable color interface with wallpapers
    • Caller photo display
    • Display of the last numbers dialed, missed calls and calls received
    • Color themes for choosing the graphical interface
    • Pairing: up to five mobile phones registered
    • Address phonebook synchronization


    • Echo cancellation
    • Full duplex
    • Voice recognition up to 150 names
    • Hi-Fi polyphonic ringtones

    Dimensions and Weight

    • Screen / Keypad 64 x 58 x 20 mm Weight: 62 g
    • Parrot universal radio mute unit (installed under the dashboard):
    • 54 x 104 x 20 mm Weight: 52 g


    Compatible with Bluetooth® mobile phones: Blackberry, HP, i-mate, Motorola, Nec, Nokia, Qtek, Palm, Panasonic, Philips, Sagem, Samsung, Sendo, Sharp, Siemens, Sony-Ericsson, SPV, Telital …

  • For more Information on The Superb LS3200 Click This Link. ( you will need the latest copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader Installed )

    SUPPLY ONLY £129.99 + £6 P+P

    fITTED FROM £199.99*

  • *installed price dependant on , make , model and location of vehicle.

  • some vehicles require a muting lead in order to mute radio, if required, exta charges are incurred usually around £15.

Parrot Rhythm And Blue (Bluetooth car radio)


Well Done Parrot! , 22 Jan 2007
I've had this CD Player for over a year now, and I have to say it's awesome! It's a brilliant solution to the ban of driving whilst on your mobile phone over here in the UK. It may primarily be a hands-free device, but the MP3/CD player side of things is brilliant too, the easy search menu's for MP3 Cd's makes finding your favourite songs so simple. You can either alphabetically search for your artist/song, or manually scroll through the folders on the CD.
I'd definately recommend it to anyone considering buying it. Once you first pair your phone to the headset, everytime you get in the car from then onwards, it automatically connects to your phone and synchronises your phone book. So when your phone rings, not only do you see on the display who is calling you, your ring tone also plays through your speakers! It's brilliant, and I couldn't live without it now I've got it. Only problem is you do look like you're talking to yourself! But atleast then other drivers give you a wide berth. hehe.
Well done Parrot!

supply only £169.99 Plus £ 8.00 P & P

Fitted Price £235.*

*installed price dependant on , make , model and location of vehicle.

  • some vehicles require a ISO Lead,  if required, exta charges are incurred usually around £15.


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