The ConvenIent Way To ProfessIonally Secure Your VehIcle. Since 1988.

Car Alarm Fitted Scotland, TOAD AI606 THATCHAM CATAGORY 1 APPROVED CAR ALARM / IMMOBILISER . Guaranteed Installations Across Scotland Since 1988 FreePhone 0800 1223 156. The Convenient Way To Professionally Secure Your Vehicle Across Scotland.

Car Alarm Fitted Scotland, TOAD AI606   THATCHAM CATAGORY 1  APPROVED CAR ALARM / IMMOBILISER   . Guaranteed Installations Across Scotland Since 1988 FreePhone  0800 1223 156.   The Convenient Way To Professionally Secure Your Vehicle Across Scotland.

Toad ai606 cat 1 car alarm/Immobiliser
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Note: Despite being one of the older cat 1 system available and no Longer The Market Leader,  the Toad ai606  Still Represents An Effective Security System .  

The Toad AI606

Been around for years and when it comes to functions and features shows it!

The Toad ai606 no longer competes with a modern cat 1 on that level

but its cheap and cheerfull and for those people on a restricted

budjet and not expecting too much - It will do the job well.

What to expect - by todays standards the Toad ai606 is a low spec alarm system

but lets face it at around a 13 year old design you get what you pay for.


Toad ai606 Features of the AI606 car alarm system include:
Two Large 4 button transmitters (perfect for the older
person  )
Pager/Accessories output

Intelligent re-arm / passive arm
Indicator flash
2 circuit immobilisation
Analogue Ultrasonic interior sensors hazzard flash and audible arm and disarm signals.




Be Aware - Did You Know? Reputable Car Security Dealers DO NOT SELL THATCHAM APPROVED PRODUCTS FOR D.I.Y. INSTALLATION - FULL STOP!  All Thatcham Approved Alarms And Immobilisers Must Be Supplied And Installed By The Official Alarm Dealers To Retain Their Insurance Approval  Status And Even The Product Warranty!  IN SHORT -  If the company suppling Your Thatcham approved Alarm Does Not Also Fit The Alarm system Then Watch Out! - Your Alarm Installation Will  Not be Recognised As a Thatcham Approved Installation, Even If You Have A certificate "Out The Box" - Therefore Wasting Your Money And Time, IMPORTANTLY - The Alarm Warranty Will ALSO Be NULL AND VOID As The Company Suppling The Alarm Will Not Warranty An Installation Carried Out Elsewhere - Even If They Imply Otherwise! THE THATCHAM ALARM MANUFACTURER WILL ALSO NOT ENTERTAIN ANY WARRANTY CLAIM ON SYSTEMS WITH A NON APPROVED DEALER  INSTALLATION  - SO PLEASE BE AWARE - And Keep yourself right When It Comes To Your Hard Earned Cash And Of Course Your Insurance Policy Itself.



Toad ai606 Scotland Edinburgh Glasgow Fife Dundee Perth Aberdeen Inverness Fully Guaranteed Mobile Installations.

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