The ConvenIent Way To ProfessIonally Secure Your VehIcle. Since 1988.

On Site Van Alarm Installations. Edinburgh , Glasgow, Fife

Fully Guaranteed.


Convenient Expert "On Site" Van Alarm And Security Installations. 

Van alarms and security Installations Covering, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife, Tayside, Borders And Lothians Since 1988!

On Site Installations! On Site Warranties, At Home Or Work.


Van Alarm Installations With Fully Guaranteed On Site Installation Service, Covering Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife.

Fully Guaranteed Expert "On-Site"

Van Alarms And Security Installations Since 1988!

Across Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife, Lothians, Borders And Tayside For Your Maximum Convenience No Need To Have Your Vehicle Off The Road!

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freePhone 0800 1223156

Or If You Prefer

07894 500229 (02 Network)

Warning To Van Owners.

Ford Transit, Ford Transit Custom, Fiat Ducato, peugeot boxer and citreon Relay,  van owners... This List Is Growing By The Week!

Thieves can now enter and empty Many Vans without doing any damage, its just like they Have been left unlocked.

Thieves seem to have aquired
scanners and / or universal tumbler keys that will unlock your vans doors.

As If Thats Not Bad Enough! See Below The New Peel Back Craze In Operation!

New "Anti Peel Back Sensors"For Vans.

Renault Traffic with Peeled Back Door.

New "Anti Peel Back Sensors"For Vans.

Fitted In Conjunction with An Alarm System, These Sensors Trigger The Van Alarm System If Van Doors Are Tampered With.
No Need To Fit Multiple Locks On The Centre AND Top Of Van Doors Which Void The Anti Corrosion warranty On The Van.
And Can Cause Nasty Corrosion On Van Doors Very Quickly.

Unlike Locks, Anti Peel Back Sensors Do Not Void Warranties Or Cause Corrosion!

For More Info And Fully Intalled Van Alarm Prices With Expert "On-Site" Installations For Your Maximum Convenience,


0800 1223 156

Or If You Prefer

07894 500 229 (o2 Network)

9.30 am - 6pm Mon-Fri

10am - 4pm Sat -Sun

Please note We Cannot Reply Via Text Message.


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"On Site" Installations, "On Site" Warranties!

No Need To Have Your Vehicle Off The Road.

No Inconvenient Trips back To The Shop Or Installation Centre, We Come To You! Should You Require Service Under Warranty.

For All Your Car, Van And Motorhome Security Requirements.





thatcham.gif        Even With Additional Locks Fitted, Theives Still Get In As In The Above Picture. Alarm Peel Back Sensors Trigger If The door is Bent Back As Little As 2 Centimetres, Saving Tools And Bodywork.

Alarm Or Locks? Which Ever You Decide Act Quickly

As Van Crime Is Rife Over Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife And Lothians.

Call 0800 1223156 Or 07894500229 For A Quotation For Your Vehicle.

                        peel Back van doors

Without The Threat Of An alarm Sounding Thieves Can Do A lot Of Damage In An Attempt To Force Locks. Also As In The Picture Above Without Locks Fitted At The Centre AND Top Of The  Van Doors, The Van Can Still Be Emptied Of Valuable Tools.


Of Course The Perfect Van Security Would Include An Alarm And Decent Locks, But This Can Be Costly. Here Are Some Advantages Of An Alarm Over Locks, Ultimately The Decision Is Yours, But Either Way Don't Leave It To Late, Act First! Fit Some Additional Security On Your Van Before Its Too Late!

An Alarm also covers window breakage, which in the case of for example a Ford Transit owner can be the difference of keeping the vehicle and Its Contents All Together! As Even With Aftermarket High Security Door Locks Fitted A Theif Only Needs To Smash The Drivers Window, Lean In And Plug A Clever Piece Of Hardware Into The OBD Socket, Clone A Key, And Away Your Tools / Equipment And Van Goes In Seconds! If An Alarm Is Fitted The Alarm Triggers If They Smash The Window, And Continues To Sound, As well As Covering Entry Through Windows, Higher End Alarms Can Immobilise The OBD Socket Rendering It Useless!


Locks Can Cause Nasty Corrosion And Void Perforation Warranties!

With "Peel Back Craze" Locks Need To Be Installed At The Tops Of The Doors To Be Effective.

Alarms Dont Void Warranties, And Can Detect Peel Back As Little As 2cm!


Higher End Alarms Can Alert You By Text Message If Your Alarm Triggers.


Unlike Locks, Alarms Can Be Transferred From Van To Van, So Once You've Paid The Initial Outlay On A Good Alarm / Security System, You Can Keep It For As Long As You Like.

Alarms Can Reduce Your Insurance Premium.Listed Above Are Just Some Advantages Of Alarms Over Locks, But The Decision Is Yours.


Why Not Give Us a call Now For A fully Installed Van Alarm system for Your vehicle.

For Your Maximum Convenience We Provide A Fully Guaranteed On- Site

Installation Service.

All Work Wiring And Connections Guaranteed For as Long As You Own The Vehicle.

Auto Security Systems . Since 1988.

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