The ConvenIent Way To ProfessIonally Secure Your VehIcle. Since 1988.

Fully Installed Car Alarms At Home Or Work Throughout Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife, Dundee, Perth, Aberdeen, Ayrshire, Scotland, Fitted From Just 179.99 . FreePhone 0800 1223 156. The Convenient Way To Professionally Secure Your Vehicle.

Cat 1 Thatcham Van, Motorhome and Car Alarms Fitted across Scotland, From The Basic Toad Ai606 Cat 1 car alarm / immobiliser

To The Mighty Autowatch 457Rli Ground Breaking Car alarm / immobiliser.

Guaranteed Installations Across Scotland Since 1988

                       FreePhone  0800 1223 156.

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The Convenient Way To Professionally Secure Your Vehicle Across Scotland.

Car alarm edinburgh glasgow fife dundee aberdeen falkirk stirling kirkcaldy dunfermline,

Infact Throught much of Scotland.


Calling From A Mobile? You May prefer to contact us using        07894 500 229

2-Way 24-Channel Paging Responder Car Alarm with Keyless Entry

  • Includes one 5-button LCD 2-way SuperCode remote and one 5-button 1-way SuperCode remote
  • SuperCode Technology provides up to 2000 foot range
  • Priority icon map with 20% larger display
  • Priority user interface
  • Confirms commands on LCD screen
  • Tone and vibrate alert modes
  • D2D port for plug-in Xpresskit vehicle interface
  • On-Board door lock relays
  • Parking light flash
  • Control center with integrated valet switch and bright blue status LED
  • Flex relays and light flash
  • Revenger six-tone soft-chirp siren
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 5 Auxiliary channels
  • Stinger doubleguard shock sensor
  • 1-year Manufacturer's warranty

Car Alarms Fitted Throught Scotland Since 1988   

      freephone 0800 1223 156 Note: You May Experience an 8 to 10 Second Initial phone line Connection Delay.

car alarms fitted scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Fife, Kilmarnock, Ayr, Kirkcady, Dunfermline

Spal AS82 , Italian Design Car Alarms, Loaded with Features & Functions. car alarms Scotland.
Image 1


Thanks to the numerous SPAL functions and optionals, you can customise your system to suit your needs and obtain security, personal protection and lots of convenience. An absolutely indispensable accessory.

Functions And Features List


  • 2 Remote controls 433.92 MHz Anti-grabber TQV (Tran.Quantity Verification) With built in battery level indicator .
  • Flashing Hazard Lights On Arm And Disarm
  • Gives Full Remote Central Locking  with Total Closure, (Vehicle Dependant)
  • Perimetric protection ( alarm is directly wired into your existing courtesy light switches)
  • Volumetric protection . Ultrasonic Interior Protection ( movement sensors ) Can Be Switched Off From Your Remote Control. ( useful If You Leave Pets In The Vehicle)
  • Engine cut (this system can also immobilise your vehicle from your remote control !!)
  • Panic alarm ( if you feel threatened at or near the car , press a button on your remote control and this will trigger the alarm and flash the cars hazzard lights to draw attention to the area)
  • HIGH Power Siren sir4
  • Remote control  low battery warning ( when the remote control battery runs low,  your car will flash its hazzard lights at you to let you know in plenty of time to change it ! )

    3 Button / 5 Channel Remote control 

  • Multifunction LED
  • 1 auxiliary output (AUX) ( boot release , pager, electric window lift , remote engine start etc.)
  • Valet Mode (remote control)
  • Emergency disarm ( secure p i n override, if you loose or break your remote control when your out and about, your never left stranded )
  • Automatic/Manual comfort
  • Output for External modules
  • Siren exclusion ( if your coming in late at night you can choose to silently arm or disarm the alarm from your remote)
  • Car Locator ( Great Function, If youve ever lost your car in a car park at night , just press the car locator button on your remote control and the cars hazzard light will light up and will stay constantly on for 30 seconds (wont flash will stay bright on) creating a band of light around your car)
  • Interior  light switch-on (vehicle dependant feature)
  • Ignition-activated Door Lock ( anti hi-jack )
  • External module exclusion

  • Anti-carjack Mode (Active/Passive)
  • External module exclusion
  • Chirps
  • Automatic Engine cut activation
  • Power-locking time selection
  • Passive alarm
  • Absorption alarm
  • 2 year Warranty

To Book An Installation Or For More Information On This Product  Simply Call free on

0800 1223 156 

 supplied & Fitted

 From £219.99*

Applies to installations carried out in

 Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Perth, Fife

Optional Sensors & Accessories,

Radio Pager

Window Closer

Tilt Sensor

Microwave Sensor

Proximity Sensor

Glass Break Sensor

Shock Sensor

Re mote Boot / Tail Gate Release

 To Arrange An Installation Or For More Info  Simply Call 

FreePhone  0800 1223 156  Note: You May Experience an 8 to 10 Second Initial phone line Connection Delay. The Convenient Way To Professionally Secure Your Vehicle, installations Across Scotland since 1988.

                                                                                                                                                                 Car alarms fitted scotland mazda bongo, subaru imprezza, mitsubishi pajero, evo, honda integra alarms scotland.

Autowatch Car Alarms , South African Quality Assured
 Quality Car Alarms From Autowatch

 Used by both Ford And V.W In South Africa

Your assurance of A Top Quality security System.

              Top Quality And Reliability, Autowatch car Alarm systems are amongst the very few Brands Chosen By Vehicle Manufacturers.

The Autowatch 88RLi security system incorporates several sensing systems to protect your Vehicle. Each time the system is turned on, these sensing systems start to monitor your vehicle and if unauthorised interference is detected, the alarm system will be triggered. The Autowatch 88RL car alarm also features an optional immobilisation circuit that can be used to increase the level of protection where your vehicle already has an immobiliser fitted, or to disable the starter circuit (for example) if your vehicle has no immobiliser.

The alarm light (LED) fitted on your dashboard indicates the status of the alarm and also serves as a strong visual deterrent to thieves. The Autowatch 88RL Car alarm system includes ultrasonic movement sensors, which are able to detect movement inside your vehicle, or a window being broken

For added protection to your vehicle, a combination of sensors may be installed with the ultrasonic sensors of this alarm system, such as an impact or infrasonic sensor. For enhanced personal safety, the Alarm system can be programmed to automatically lock your car doors when driving.

To Arrange An Installation Or For More Info  Simply Call  

FreePhone  0800  1223 156 Note: You May Experience an 8 to 10 Second Initial phone line Connection Delay.  The Convenient Way To Professionally Secure Your Vehicle .


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 Applies to installations carried out in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Perth, Fife, Kirkcaldy, Kilmarnock

Car alarms fitted Scotland





Toad Car Alarms. Toad A101CL , Entry Level Car Alarm System
Image 1

          Entry level Car security

 From Toad .  

                    Discontinued Model.


The Toad A101CL  Entry level car alarm system is ideal for installation where Thatcham (insurance)approval is not required.

Security Features


  • Perimeter protection (Doors, Boot, )  
  •  Micro Siren
  • Red Status LED
  • Secure Radio Remote Control

Personal Safety Features

 Convenience Features


  • Remote Central Locking Control (cost Option, normally around £25.00)
  • switchable ultrasonics
  • 12 months warranty.

    To Arrange An Installation Or For More Info Simply Call

freePhone  0800 1223 156  The Convenient Way To Professionally Secure Your Vehicle .

Email us using this form



**Lifetime means your ownership of the vehicle***Manufacturers Product Warranty Is Not Affected.


FreePhone 0800 1223 156   Note: You May Experience an 8 to 10 Second Initial phone line Connection Delay. The Convenient Way To Professionally Secure Your Vehicle .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Car alarms Fitted Scotland.

Use Your Original Factory Remote Control To Control A Full Car Alarm System.
Image 1

If You Require a System That uses Your Vehicles Original Remote to Control A Full Alarm System , See Our  Factory "Plip" Upgrade Page.

Fully Fitted From  £229.99 inc

Please Email Us Using This Form

                                                                                                                                                               car alarms fitted scotland

Applies to installations carried out in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Perth, Fife


Hornet Alarm742 t Car Alarm
Image 1

Description: Please Note this entry level Hornet Alarm, Whilst Giving Top Quality Reliability Does Not Come With Ultrasonics Or Microwave Sensors As Standard ( movement sensors), Therefore Will Not Cover Forced Entry Through Windows In Standard Entry Level Form.

Ultrasonic Movement Sensors Add £39.00 Fitted.


Manufactured by Directed Electronics, this is a fully programmable alarm with the following Standard and Optional* features:

  • Clone-Safe Code-Hopping
  • Active or Passive Arming
  • Power Door Lock ( cost option*, usually £15.00 ) output with built in relays  that are compatible with most original vehicle systems with double pulse lock/unlock & comfort options 
  • Panic Mode from Transmitter
  • 3 Auxiliary outputs  
  • Flashing Hazzard Lights 
  • Revenger 6 tone siren
  • Output for boot release
  • 4-channel security entry system
  • Clone-Safe® Code-Hopping®
  • On-board Stinger® DoubleGuard® Shock Sensor/li>
  • Super Bright LED System Status Indicator  
  • 3 Auxiliary Outputs
  • Includes Two 4-button Transmitters



Supplied and Fully  Fitted From £149.99 ( price varies on type of vehicle and location of installation.)


 FreePhone  0800 1223 156 Note: You May Experience an 8 to 10 Second Initial phone line Connection Delay. The Convenient Way To Professionally Secure Your Vehicle     

      Email us Here

 * Please note some vehicles require extra wiring and/or door actuators in order to give remote central locking, this is not included in the standard installation price quoted above , please call for exact price for your vehicle.

** for this system with ultrasonic interior sensors please add £39.99 fitted.

 car alarms fitted scotland

Viper 2 Way Responder Car Alarm System System
Image 1


Viper 5002 2 Way Responder Car Alarm

*User-friendly 2-Way LCD REmote with
  the Ultimate 2-Way Security System!
*6-channel 2-Way security/keyless entry
  system (Remote start is not built in!)
*FCC-Legal Remotes
*Responder Technology: Unique LCD
  Interface for 2-Way communication of
  command confirmations and trigger events!
*Clone-Safe® Code-Hopping®
*Alerts users to security system triggers
  by LCD!
*Responder alerts you when too far away to
  hear it.
*Only available 2-Way Remotes with 66-bit
*2 way LCD remote

*Hazzard light flash relay built in
*Remote Adjustable On-board Stinger®
  DoubleGuard® Shock Sensor
*Central Door Locking relays built in
*Domelight Supervision relay built in
*Power Trunk release/Channel 2 output ready
*Failsafe® Starter Kill relay built in
*5 Auxiliary Outputs (Programmable)
*5 zones
*Dual MUX Sensor ports allow easy
  connection of two additional sensors
*Sensor shunt input (Remote Start/window up)
*Independent zone diagnostics for each system
*Retained Accessory Power
*Comfort Closure
*Bright Blue LED System Status Indicator

*One newer style 4-button LCD 489V 2 way
Remote and one Ergonomic Design 4
  button spare
*Valet switch
*6 Tone Revenger Siren
*Remote Panic/Car Finder

*Viper quality, with Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Super High Frequency (SHF): The best range in the industry!
Automatic configuration of transmitter buttons.
All models are Clone-Safe.

Viper 5002 car alarm now includes the XHF Super 2
Way Dipole Antenna with Approx a 1/4 mile

PLEASE NOTE: All Viper Car Alarm Systems Require DEI Professional Installation for Warranty and Service! Provide  Onsite Professional Installation for all Viper Alarms.

FreePhone  0800 1223 156    The Convenient Way To Professionally Secure Your Vehicle .       Please Email Using This Form

*Price includes basic installation and may
  require additional parts and labour!


Applies to installations carried out in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Perth, Fife




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